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Center For Loss: Exploring the Paradoxes of Mourning: Implications for Caregivers

  • 07/23/2018
  • 07/26/2018

Exploring the Paradoxes of Mourning: Implications for Caregivers


Today our mourning-avoidant culture clings to a number of damaging misconceptions about grief, but those who walked before us have much to teach us about the mysteries of life and death. Dr. Wolfelt has looked to the past to identify three forgotten truths about grief and mourning that, once revealed and practiced, help people move toward healing:

Truth One: You must say hello to say goodbye.
Truth Two: You must make friends with the darkness before you can enter the light.
Truth Three: You must go backward before you can go forward.

In this exciting new seminar, Dr. Wolfelt will lead caregivers through an exploration of the three truths—their historical roots as well as the ways in which they have been abandoned and even vilified by contemporary Western culture. Participants will be provided with tips and tools for recognizing paradox symptoms in their companioning work and guiding grievers toward a transformed—and transformative—understanding of grief and mourning.

Participants will receive a copy of The Paradoxes of Mourning: Healing Your Grief with Three Forgotten Truths.

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