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Center for Loss: The Depression of Grief

  • 10/08/2018
  • 10/11/2018
  • Fort Collins, CO

The Depression of Grief


This seminar will explore a variety of important topics related to the depression of grief. Dr. Wolfelt will explore how it is often normal and necessary to experience reactive depression after a significant loss, especially the death of someone loved. However, depression can sometimes be totally disabling and evolve into clinical depression, resulting in a blocked path to healing. Come join us for a much-needed comprehensive examination of this topic.

An outline of the course includes:

  • Introduction: the importance of the topic
  • Brief review of “normal” symptoms of grief
  • Exploring the sadness of grief
  • Defining clinical depression and its sub-types
  • Understanding the differential diagnosis of clinical depression and normal depressive grief
  • Introduction to “complicated” mourning
  • Understanding authentic mourning as “treatment”: the six needs of mourning
  • Introduction to the concept of “carried grief”
  • Overview of biomedical treatments and psychotherapy “treatments”
  • Companioning the depressed mourner in five areas (physical, cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual)
  • Reconciliation and the transformative nature of grief

Participants will receive a copy of The Depression of Grief: Coping with Your Sadness and Knowing When to Get Help.

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