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Bringing together a community of grief and bereavement specialists to connect, educate and empower.

Palliative Care Leadership Center Training

  • 09/26/2017
  • 09/27/2017
  • Lexington, Kentucky

Bluegrass can offer attendees:

Access to three distinct hospice-led, hospital palliative care programs, as well as long term care, home health care and outpatient programs

Insight into cultivating strong relationships between hospices and local hospitals

Tips on serving a largely rural population

Financial and logistical information on adding palliative care to existing hospice services

Palliative care billing information for hospices, hospitals and physician practices

Information on staffing hospital palliative care programs using both hospice and hospital resources

Concrete plan of action for hospices starting or strengthening a hospital-based palliative care program

Extensive experience cultivating community-based partnerships

Strategic plan for implementing palliative care in long term care, home care and outpatient settings

The american academy of bereavement

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