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Young Adult: The Forgotten Grievers

  • 10/03/2014
  • Minneapolis, MN
Young adults, now being known as Emerging Adults,
experience distinct developmental transitions which
include relationships, education, career, work,
and values. Emerging adults are not children, nor
adults, and have been forgotten mourners when
death impacts a family system. They may be
attending college or trade school, engaged in the
workforce, serving in the military, and/or parenting
young children. What happens when an expected,
unexpected, or traumatic death impacts this age
group? Does the death of a loved one during this
Emerging Adult phase truly impact their future growth
and relationships? This program will provide specifi c
insights into the world of grieving young adults, prior
to or after a death of a loved one or friend, and will
provide strategies and interventions professionals can
utilize to assist them.

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